• Karen Brook

The Story of Two Manuals and a Pathway

Once upon a time, there were two manuals, called Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leader (CL).

CC was the popular one! Full of vocal variety, hand and facial gestures, she knew how to develop a well structured speech.

CL was quietly reserved, through no fault of his own. People from far and wide congregated around CC as they were eager to digest her secrets of speaking confidently in public. However, not many people realised, learning how to be a confident leader could take them far and wide in their business and personal relationships.

Many ignored the Toastmasters International (TMI) tag line ‘Where leaders are made’ favouring learning the art of public speaking from CC. However learning leadership skills is one of many advantages of joining Toastmasters.

Several years passed and the world changed to digital. TMI wanted to restructure their educational resources to the masses. ‘You have served us well for many years CC and CL,’ said TMI ‘but now is the time for you to retire and for us to bring in some inspiring young talent called Pathways’.

For nearly three years, there was hysteria and mass mourning at the retirement of CC and CL. Members of TMI across the globe, missed the comforting presence of their user friendly manuals.

Slowly the masses regrouped and realised it was time to embrace Pathways as their new friend. They had seen how she was shaping the new generation of members. Rather than stagnate in mourning, members began to awaken to the benefits of Pathways. Slowly, they became inspired to learn new and exciting skills such as podcasting and blogging. They began to learn how to create effective visual aids and use presentation software. Most of the new skills they found were transferable to work and home life, enhancing their personal development. At the fingertips of newly energised members, she provides interactive online content, including videos and other resources in an instant click.

So don’t be shy. Get to know Pathways. She doesn’t bite! Once you get to know her she will teach and support you in becoming a proficient speaker and leader. She will refresh and inspire you with her appealing content and multiple resources. She will become as familiar and hopefully, as dear to you, as our other two friends, the Competent Communicator and the Competent Leader.

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