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Be Our Guest

In my last blog, I wrote about me being ready for a new challenge and overhearing an intriguing conversation about Toastmasters. I instinctively knew I had to go to a Toastmasters meeting to experience it for myself. Unfortunately, I went to the wrong meeting place. Embarrassed and too late for the beginning of the meeting, I legged it from the hotel reception into the car park.

The Door was Shut!

I could have easily got into my car and gone home - but I didn’t. I sped down Parliament Street in my car just under the speed limit to The Cairn Hotel and sprinted to the reception desk ‘Where is the Toastmasters meeting?’ I panted then I tore up the corridor to the meeting room but stalled at the door. It was shut! I could hear voices. ‘Oh heck’ I said to myself ‘Which way were the seats arranged?’ Am I going to walk in at the front or the back?‘. And I was late. It was 10 past 7!

Welcome to Toastmasters

I ran back to the receptionist. ‘Which way are the seats facing?’ ‘I don’t know’ she replied. Urgh! I raced back to the meeting room and put my hot, clammy hand on the cold brass door knob -I’m sure I could see steam coming off it! The door creaked as I opened it. To my relief, I was at the back of the room. However, everyone still turned around to look at me! Then a man with a lovely smiling face and twinkling eyes, stood up, held out his hand and said ‘Welcome to Toastmasters’. And that’s how it is, Strictly Speaking Harrogate club is a very friendly and welcoming club. As a club, the members want everyone to grow and become a better speaker.

You Must Come Again as Our Guest.

That night, I was entertained, inspired and educated about public speaking, as surely you will be too. Everyone seemed friendly ‘You must come again as our guest’ And I did go again....and became a member! Seven years later, I’m still going to club meetings because I enjoy entertaining, inspiring and educating others. I’ve learnt a heck of a lot investing my time at Toastmasters and you will too. So I say to you, dear guest ‘Welcome to Toastmasters. We’re here to support you on your Toastmasters journey’.

Karen Brook VP Education

Further reading: How to Make Every Member Feel Valued. Margaret Page DTM Toastmaster magazine Feb2021 pg3.

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