A Typical Strictly Speaking Meeting

The Toastmasters Meeting Structure

Our meetings begin with an introduction from the meetings chosen host or “Toastmaster” for the evening. Once the format of the meeting has been explained, the Toastmaster will introduce the other Toastmasters roles members can opt to perform such as “Time Keeper” and “Grammarian"". More information on these can be found on the Toastmaster Roles Page. The meetings are split into three key sections, with time for a short chat break in the middle of the evening:

Programmed Manual Speeches

In this part of the meeting, members perform a prepared speech of their choice, aiming to improve their speaking skills by progressing through the Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator Manuals.


Every speaker is assigned an evaluator, who is another member of the club. In this section you are provided with your written and oral feedback on your public speaking. Learning to give good evaluation is another skill you will learn.

Table Topics

Ever wondered what it’s like to do an impromptu speech unprepared and on the spot? In this section of the meeting, members are invited to test their skills and perform a two minute impromptu speech. Don’t worry, we won’t pick on you unless you want to join in the fun!

We also aim to have an Education Session each evening. This is a section all members are encouraged to participate in, working through the Leaders Excellence Series to educate all members on speaking skills.

The meeting ends promptly, at 9pm. Timekeeping is another important skill we strive to achieve.

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Your First Meeting Experience

So you’ve taken your first steps on your Toastmasters journey and turned up to your first meeting. You are probably feeling rather nervous about the prospect of sitting with and talking in front of a room of strangers for the first time. Do not worry! Every Toastmaster knows the pressure of walking through the doors for the first time. We are a friendly, zero pressure, welcoming club. We all know the stress of public speaking and that’s why we are here!

"The first time I went to Strictly Speaking, I was so nervous I could barely stumble through a two minute speech, now I'm speaking in front of hundreds at the Divisional Speech Contest!"

We cater to all skill levels. Some of our members have gone from standing and stuttering through a speech for ten minutes, to entering speech competitions in front of hundreds. You will be amazed how much your confidence improves just after one evening with us. Read Our Testimonials to hear what our members have to say about their first time.

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