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If you are like most people, you either hate or fear the act of speaking in front of people. You may freeze up and forget what you wanted to say, or speak so fast that people aren’t able to understand you. Yet many people need this skill to enhance their career, do well at interviews and participate in and lead teams at work. Having these skills on your CV demonstrates leadership and communication skills and being a Toastmaster is an excellent CV addition.

How many people do you think miss out on opportunities to further their career because they didn’t have the confidence? The idea of presenting information to an audience, or organising and managing a team may terrify you, but it may be something that is holding you back from realising your full potential in the work place. By joining Strictly Speaking you are in a unique environment where you can develop these career enhancing skills, without having the real life pressures holding you back. Hone these skills and obtain feedback in our unique learning environment before you have to use them in the real world. Who wants a board of directors watching while you do your first big speech?

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If you want to make serious and permanent improvements to your speaking and leadership skills, you must learn how to communicate in the best way. Like any skill you are trying to master, you need to practice speaking frequently and repeatedly, on a regular basis. Doing this at Toastmasters allows you to practice in a safe, relaxing and encouraging environment. Toastmasters provides a structured atmosphere, meeting twice per month, where you can improve your skills over time. Gradually your nerves will calm down.

It is also an ideal business networking forum. Meeting people from all walks of life yet learning together can open new horizons. And you will also learn a lot. Listening to 3 or 4 speeches per meeting means you will hear a lot of new information from how to make the best pot of tea to how to motivate others in a difficult business meeting. The topics for speeches endless…and the learning opportunities likewise.

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