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Welcome to Our Friendly Yorkshire Toastmasters Club

Welcome to Strictly Speaking Harrogate, the friendliest public speaking club in Yorkshire! Learn to Speak With Confidence, learn in a safe environment and most of all come and have some fun.

We are a friendly, sociable club, where members can develop their public speaking, presentation and leadership skills in a safe and positive environment, and importantly, at their own pace. Our members are from all walks of life and their experience encompasses all levels, from complete beginners who have never spoken in front of people before to experienced speakers who wish to improve on their skills.

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Toastmasters provides a Structured Educational Programme for members to follow, each step building on the last. Speech structure, body language, gestures, voice control and inspirational speaking are all the skills you can learn. If you need to do a work presentation, go for a job interview, do a wedding speech or just want to become a better communicator, then Strictly Speaking Harrogate is the place for you.

Guests - it's free to attend so if you wish to see what it is all about. Please come along to one of our meetings, where you will be most welcome. Fellow Toastmasters visiting the area are also welcome to come along to our meetings. Contact our VP Membership for membership details

Our History

Strictly Speaking Harrogate was set up in March 2007 by members from Leeds and York Toastmasters Clubs and chartered in April 2008 i.e. had reached 20 members and became a registered charter club as part of Toastmaster International. A number of the founder members are still playing an active part in the running of the club and the club has retained its friendly and supportive ethos since chartering.

Our Values

As a club we strongly believe in the merits of being members of an international organisation as well as being a smaller, friendly and supportive club. Members come from all walks of life from teachers to students to club owners and semi-retired people. Every member has a different reason for joining and a different goal in mind, but we all share the one belief - that learning to improve our communication, leadership and Public Speaking Skills can only benefit ourselves in our professional and personal lives. We have a mix of long-term and new members and some in-betweeners too.

Sharing the journey provides us with feedback, tips and encouragement to tackle our projects and our speaking skills.

All clubs adhere to the code and the guidelines of Toastmasters International and though a meeting in Singapore may have a different layout to a meeting in Harrogate, the basic structure will be familiar. A member in Singapore would fit right in to a meeting Harrogate and vice versa!

In Harrogate we take a friendly, less formal approach to meetings and are a very welcoming and supportive team. We adhere to the tenets of TMI and stick to a structured and timely meeting, but we also have a Jokemaster slot to kick off the meetings with a touch of humour.

Any time you would like to come along and experience a meeting, just get in touch so we know to look out for you or then again, just turn up before 7pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at The Cairn Hotel, Harrogate.

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